3 Benefits Of Vitamin B Complex Supplements

November 16, 2016 | By Will Cannan | Filed in: Business Services.

To stay healthy and happy you need to focus on your daily intake of foods as well as supplements. As we grow our body goes through different types of changes and in many cases we need to supplement our foods.

Vitamin B is loaded with health benefits:

To be healthy, your body needs to be fed with proper nutrients. Here comes the importance of Vitamin B that plays a major role in providing nutrient to your body. Found in fortified or whole grains, green vegetables, meats and dairy, it gives a better metabolism rate which decreases the risk of deadly stroke. Admittedly, you have to resort to natural resources to get the required vitamin B. But many times, we need more sources for the required amount of Vitamin B. And natural supplements in Singapore for Vitamin B Complex will help meet the need. Vitamin B improves metabolism rate and can reduce the chances of stroke, which happens if blood clots block the flow of blood to the brain. It also happens when blood vessel burst in brain. 

Vitamin B prevents beriberi:

Vitamin B1, which is also called thiamine, is needed daily. The recommended amount of thiamine for adult women is 1.1 mg while pregnant women need 1.4 mg of it. Those who breastfeeds daily they require a little more. Men, who are 14 and above, need 1.2 miligram every day. This vitamin breaks the carbohydrates into the sugar for better digestion. Due to lack of vitamin b1 there can happen many problems, such as beriberi which directly affects the heart. Digestion problems and nervous system breakdown can also take place. Beriberi is a common problem in malnourished and alcoholics. There are common symptoms, like walking difficulties, loss of sense in hands or legs, paralysis etc. which can indicate this disease. If the problem becomes serious then heart failure is also possible. People who drink much should definitely take vitamin B supplement to stay healthy. While taking supplement, make sure you buy organic supplements.

Energy and Riboflavin or vitamin B2
If you lack of vitamin B then riboflavin deficiency can happen anytime. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women need little more of this vitamin to stay healthy.

This riboflavin breaks down your body using carbohydrates, fat, and proteins from diet. Skin, gut line and cells of blood get the required supplements from this vitamin to stay healthy. Those who have cataract or migraine problems may feel better using enough riboflavin. This riboflavin boosts energy level, strengthen the immunity system and cures muscle cramps, acne, etc.

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