A Birthday “Spend The Day”

November 15, 2016 | By Will Cannan | Filed in: Business Services.

If your child’s birthday is coming up, you may have started planning for a birthday party but birthday parties can be very expensive and you may not be able to provide your child and her friend’s with the most amount of fun that they can have within the span of an hour or two. An amazing alternative to parties that is becoming popular is a “spend the day” where your child’s closes friends come over to your home to spend the entire day for a casual day of movies, board games and lots of food. This type of activity will give your child and her friend’s hours of fun, will not be likely to cost you a lot of money and can be a lot less work to organize.

Let your child lead the way
Ask your child to make a list of her five or six best friends to invite to the “spend the day” and ask her to choose the games and activities that she would like to have for the day. You can suggest a few escape room games which will be high fun and bring about a lot of activity and laughs to the party. If you are interested you can visit this site for indoor team building games you can visit this site http://www.theescapeartist.sg/corporate-events.html.

Escape room in Singapore have stood the test of time in terms of bringing lots of fun and laughs to parties and you should introduce them to your child as well. Other games that you can suggest are long time favourites such as monopoly, scrabble and other popular board games. You will be able to find various kids party activities online that you can implement in spend the day to keep the day exciting and fun.

Movie day
Make a list of all your child’s favourite movies and a few movies that your child is yet to watch. You can organize a movie marathon for the kids with all of your child’s favourite snacks and drinks. Ask your child to make a list of all the food and drinks that she would like to have at her spend the day and let her come shopping with you to add to the excitement. Give her as much as she wants for the day because no matter how many things she chooses to buy, your spend the day party will still cost you a fraction of the cost of a regular party and you will also avoid the nuisance of having to send out obligatory invitations to various relations and people that you know that you do not really want at the party.

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