Lecturing Company Law With Higher Standards

October 19, 2016 | By Will Cannan | Filed in: Business Services.

Company law has become a famous subject under the field of law as many lawyers today tend to step in to the commercial field as it is a hassle free and a comfortable are of study. Moreover joining to a legal chamber, which deals with company secretarial work pays a good salary to the lawyers for their standards and quality. This is the reason why company law should be taught for the students in universities and law schools thoroughly with excellent standards. It has to be taught both in theoretical and in practical ways. Also it has to be noted that company law is not a subject that is limited for law students. It is a vast area that even students who study commerce and accounting too go through. However they do not need to study company law ion depth like the law students.

This is a subject that has to be lectured right by experts in the field. Company law changes from state to state as to the legal principles and customs in the country. However so, the basics are always the same. A lecturer has to take a huge responsibility to understand the area of law and lecture the students in a meaningful way. He/she has to be a person with experience who has a wide knowledge on areas such as, registration of a company, Directors, shareholders, bank account opening in Thailand, and articles of association, memorandum, liquidation and many more. It’s quite clear that this subject consists of many varieties and that it has to be lectured by a person who has gone through each and every aspect of these.

Also, a law student must understand the fact that not every lawyer has gone though all the varieties of law and not fair to rely on them fully. Therefore in this developed generation many opportunities have been opened for the students to search on areas that they do not understand and such areas are provided online through valuable articles and by WebPages. For an example if a student needs to learn about the cheapest offshore company formation, he she can entirely rely on the online articles that are provided by reliable investment companies.

Even though a student can rely on such secondary sources including books, newspaper and online articles, the educated lecturers must also be aware of each and every aspect of the subject as they carry a huge responsibility to teach the student properly and sending him to the society to serve their purposes accordingly and right.

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