The Gradual Passing Of Age

October 20, 2016 | By Will Cannan | Filed in: Business Services.

There comes a time in every baby’s life when they pass the tender ages and gradually transition into a full week – day and then eventually a month. Here, it assembles the reality in truth that because of our family traditions and cultures we often find and believe the rituals that we should adhere to because it is our religious respect and that we must ensure to complete and follow to bless us and the child a blessed life. Beginning, here – let me commence to help outsiders understand the various and very different techniques that exist which might seem quite reproachable in our culture and situation. What here, helps me understand the reason why most of us need to shave our baby’s first hair? In retrospect most communities within different cultures, traditions and religions share this concept except that we do take it lightly for it does not specifically state why.

The rites of a baby’s first haircut
This may serve as a fun factor and often may lead us to believe that it is a very weird and assumed misconception; however, in China – many new mothers shave a baby’s hair during the first moth of a child’s birth then on, they sell the hair – to make a baby hair brush in Singapore, these “brushes” are not the ordinary combs which we assume but they are made into calligraphy brushes (the sort of paint brushes) you see, it is a myth and legend that the baby’s new hair is very special and young, hence gives the air and luxury of understanding why the need of such brushes are made from their hairs; that is – they are strong and pure.

Tai Mao Bi is the name given or rather the service that is given to those who give their babies a haircut in exchange for a calligraphy baby brush as a souvenir for the child

A different sort of culture
Having, a brush as such can be very useful to gift your baby for when he/she grows as they learn to start writing their letters or even the alphabet. According to Chinese, the children learn to write in scrolls of paper with the help of ink and well – brushes, hence these do come in handy and are useful in many ways to make sure that the child will be happier with learning. This seems to exist and mainly is offered by the means of supporting a child and allowing them the freedom to carry on such tradition and ways of the people. China, in a way is strangely alien to us as it does not coincide with any of our cultures hence learning about such things – widen our scope

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