Over-The-Counter Medication That Is Safe To Buy

February 8, 2017 | By Will Cannan | Filed in: Business Services.

Now that the internet can tell us exactly what sickness we have on our ‘off’ days, and recommend our course of medication, few people bother with doctors unless they feel that the sickness is serious. And it is not just for illnesses either; people turn to over-the-counter medication from pharmacies and drug stores for everything from sunburn to dieting. While some of these pills and syrups may be fairly harmless, some can be downright dangerous if taken by the wrong person, at wrong time and/or in conjunction with the wrong food or drink. Here is a quick guide to what you can safely buy without a prescription.

Additional Nutrients
Things like vitamin C are perfectly safe to buy from a pharmacy because they cannot cause any harm to the human body unless you regularly overdose by about a handful. Other healthcare vitamins in Singapore should be bought with a little more caution because they can affect the body in a negative way. General cold preventives like lime lozenges are also perfectly safe to be bought without a prescription, however check the expiration dates before you take them home; vitamins can turn deadly even a day after their due date.

Basic Medicines
Having a stomach ache and sure that it’s the lunch? You can buy a probiotic over the counter from the pharmacy and take it in order to aid digestion. Anything stronger would require a visit to the doctor. Pollen allergies, quick colds or coughs, headaches, scrapes of the skin, cuts, small burns and other minor injuries can be alleviated by buying medicines from a pharmacy.

Oral Contraceptive
Pharmacy contraceptives cannot be trusted for the long term. You need to meet with a gynaecologist and find out what works for your body through trial and error. However, emergency contraceptives such as the ‘morning-after’ pill are safe to buy from a drug store. While not technically medication, things such as condoms also do not need to bought from a hospital. The average one available at a pharmacy is enough.

Personal Care Products
Cosmetics, personal care products and other things applied superficially are usually safe to get form a pharmacy. However if you regularly use make up and leave it on for a long time it is advisable to avoid drug-store brands as they are not always up to scratch and may harm your skin long term. For quick touch ups or emergencies it is safe and ok to buy brushes, lipsticks, glosses, nail varnish, concealer and other such products from a pharmacy.

So whatever you decide to buy over the counter, check that is not expired and that it has a low strength so that you do not suffer any major side effects.

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