What You Need To Know About E-Commerce

February 7, 2017 | By Will Cannan | Filed in: Business Services.

The concept of E-commerce came to light along with the rapid development of technology. This is where people found it more convenient to purchase items online rather than making trips to stores. This way, they are at the advantage of saving transport cost as well as a considerable portion of their total time to buy. A simple click of a mouse ensures that the product that you desire will arrive at your door step without delay as promised while the payments can be done via electronic modes, most commonly by the credit card. Below we look at some interesting facts to know about E-commerce.

What it transcends
Initially, the concept of E-commerce was mainly focused on selling products that were tangible and not services. The usual process was to place an order for a good online get it delivered to your house. However, when marketers realized that services too are equally important as goods, they began to sell services online. How does this process take place? Take a Yoga class for instance; the instructor can now put up a website of his own and promote his classes and enable you to pay a fee online and attend the class, or even send you personal tutorials via the internet. Similarly, e-tutors too sell education via E-commerce.

Before the revolution of E-commerce, customers were known to be the experts of bargaining. Their ability to bargain often brought the businesses to sell their products at very low prices with almost no profit, and they could never ensure that these are the customers that would stick by them in the long run. However, now most companies including small business build their websites with attractive web design in Singapore that would make life easier for customers, selling products at already bargained prices, making life easier for them.

Social media
Social media offers you the best marketing tool and the best web design as they are now the most commonly used method to promote products. Nowadays most businessmen are focused on opening a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account that could promote their products as the percentage of web users that linger on social media keeps increasing at a fast rate. Therefore, this is considered to be the most simple and cost effective method of E-commerce.

Use your mobile
Almost everyone you know might be an owner of a smartphone. What more do you need when you have the products at your fingertips? The customers are now able to purchase and sell products simply by using apps that are available to be downloaded to their smartphones. This is where the concept of E-commerce steps up to M-commerce with the involvement of mobile.

If you still haven’t explored this convenient method of shopping yet, it is high time that you pick up your phone and order something!

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